Hello, World!

A brief introduction / test to make sure I didn't break anything.

Ryan King

1 minute read

Now that school’s finally out, I’ve finally gotten around to putting my blog up. I will be giving a technical overview in the coming week after I get everything working the way I want. The purpose of this blog is to keep myself focused; if I don’t have anything interesting to write about then that’s a sign that I need to stop wasting time.

Most of the content will be related to Computer Science (as seen by the title of this post), but I may ramble about politics, video games, photography, or something else that crosses my mind. Once classes start up again, I’ll probably be doing more detailed posts on classes as well as any research I get to do.

I hope that someday I’ll post something useful or interesting, but I’m rarely useful or interesting so I’m not optimistic…

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