Visual Studio Code for Vim Users

A Vim user's guide to setting up Visual Studio Code

Ryan King

15 minute read

Like many people, my journey to Vim did not start at Vim; I spent many days and many nights downloading editors, installing plugins, and learning key bindings that have sinse been forgotten. I had been using SublimeText for a few years when I went into college, but like many poor soles, my first course was a Java course, which broke me, and, as despserate as I have ever been, I booked an appointment at the sinister medical practice of Dr. Java.

The Joy of ATS 2: A Simple Game

Writing your first lines of code in ATS

Ryan King

15 minute read

Now that we have an ATS install up and running on our system, it’s time to put it to use. We sill start off by writing the standard “hello world” program because the Computer Science Tutorial Gods might smite me if we do not. Start by making a new file in your favorite text editor, (I use Emacs with the ats2-mode plugin), and enter the following text:

The Joy of ATS 1: Installing ATS

The first in a series of ATS tutorials on how to install ATS on *nix Operating Systems.

Ryan King

7 minute read

Welcome to a new series of tutorials that I plan on writing over the course of the next several months called “The Joy of ATS.” For starters, you may not be familiar with ATS, as I wasn’t until a few months ago. From the ATS website,

On Campers and Counselors

The parallels between being a camper and a camp counselor.

4 minute read

When someone scans your items at the supermarket or brings your food at a restaurant, it is an easy assumption that those people are simply doing their jobs; it’s rare to find someone who is passionate about scanning groceries or low-level work in the food service industry. When it comes to the job of camp counseling, most would probably assume the same thing: it’s just the means to a paycheck. For some that may be true, but for many, myself included, the paycheck is not the ends,…

Why I Work as a Camp Counselor

The reasoning/rationalization behind why I chose to spend a second summer as a camp counselor.

5 minute read

As the counting of weeks before camp turns into the counting of days before camp, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on my choice to spend a second summer as a counselor at a sleep away camp. I believe it comes down to the fact that camp is, to explain mathematically, the “absolute value” of college; the majority of the positives of college are present at camp, and a majority of the inverses of the negatives of college are also present at camp.

Hello, World!

A brief introduction / test to make sure I didn't break anything.

Ryan King

1 minute read

Now that school’s finally out, I’ve finally gotten around to putting my blog up. I will be giving a technical overview in the coming week after I get everything working the way I want. The purpose of this blog is to keep myself focused; if I don’t have anything interesting to write about then that’s a sign that I need to stop wasting time.